My journey as an educator began thirty-five years ago; I’ve been a classroom teacher, a learning specialist, and an English-Language Arts Coordinator. I’ve also coached numerous children and parents throughout the years with regard to developing reading and writing skills. I have a B.A. in English from Douglass College and was a student of the poet, Adrienne Rich. After a brief stint in the New York publishing world, I completed a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Education from Rutgers University and began my life as a classroom teacher. While teaching 2nd grade at Rutgers Preparatory School, I returned to school and took coursework towards a doctorate in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from The University of Pennsylvania. I then had an opportunity to teach in New York at The Dalton School, where I worked for twelve years, first as a third grade teacher and then as a learning specialist in 4th-7th grades. I came to Kent Place eleven years ago as the Primary School Learning Specialist and five years later became the English Language Arts Coordinator. I have always loved learning new things and teaching other people; my current position allows me to work with teachers on the best teaching practices, assist students in understanding new concepts, and develop innovative and comprehensive curricula that encourage the natural curiosity of students.




    For a number of years I have wanted to create an on-line forum where I can connect with KPS parents and share ideas and information about literacy learning. When I first came to Kent Place eleven years ago as a Learning Specialist, I wrote monthly newsletters for parents on a various array of topics. Then I became the English Language Arts Coordinator and spent the majority of my time supporting teachers and creating curricula. In this new blogging adventure, I will focus on one topic each month, give practical suggestions for encouraging reading and writing at home, and share interesting resources.