Fostering Curiosity & Imagination

    At Kent Place, we know the importance of integrating the arts into the regular classroom instruction to engage and motivate students.   The key to appreciation and application of the arts is the cultivation of a growth or an imagination mindset, an attitude that is both curious and resilient. By incorporating the arts into the classroom, teachers and students work together to construct knowledge and gain a deeper understanding. Through movement, drama, and storytelling, students were able to collaborate, solve problems and express what they had learned. Such artistic endeavors helped students to develop what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi termed flow or optimal experience. Teachers are instrumental in providing a creative space where students are encouraged to take risks and think beyond the box. Through creative arts experiences, students become intrinsically connected to the curriculum. They become active readers, writers, and thinkers engaged in learning and exploring the world around them. Building curiosity is key to sustaining interest and becoming a lifelong learner.  If you are curious, you will read, explore, and write about your experiences. And by doing so, you will learn more and become even more curious.

    In October, my article, “Fostering Curiosity and Imagination” was published in The Constructivist, the journal of the Association for Constructivist Teaching. If you like to read more about this topic, you can go to




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