Global Service Learning Initiative

    The Global Service Learning Initiative at Kent Place School supports initiatives to improve the educational opportunities and lives of children and their communities worldwide. The motto of the Global Service Learning Initiative is “Embrace, Envision, Empower.”

    Embrace… the challenge of educating girls and women globally.
    Envision… a world in which access to education for all is accessible
    Empower… Kent Place students to create meaningful change
    Tanzania Team, March 2011
    “Oven” Project

    Middle & Upper School (16 Students & 4 Chaperones)

    The Tanzania project began during the 2009/2010 school year, highlighted by a school-sponsored trip in March when the group engaged in community service projects to assist the Faraja Primary School and its students with physical disabilities.  Faraja is a residential school and diaconic center in Sanya Juu, Tanzania, providing children with physical disabilities with an accredited primary education.  Specifically, the KPS group funded and physically constructed a wheelchair-accessible walkway ramp, leading from the academic classrooms to the dormitory and play areas.  In addition, students spent valuable time with their Tanzanian peers by sitting in on class periods, attending physical therapy sessions, and participating in the daily afternoon soccer match, among others.  Throughout, the KPS team had the opportunity to learn about the Tanzanian and Maasai cultures, history and languages.  Excursions included a safari tour of the Ngorongoro Crater Park and a visit to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as ample opportunities to learn about the ecosystem and wildlife of the Serengeti region.

    Tanzania Team, March 2010
    “Ramp” Project
    Middle & Upper School (16 Students & 4 Chaperones)
    As the second KPS group to travel to Tanzania, the students and chaperones experiences a revamped 2010 itinerary and enhanced Kent Place’s relationships with the Faraja School and our partner travel organization, International Service Learning.  The physical service project included the design and construction of an outdoor brick and mortar oven, to be used to bake breads, cake and even pizza!  Once again, the group toured the Ngorongoro Crater and witnessed countless wildebeests, zebras and water buffalo, stunning lions and hippos, beautiful pink flamingos, among other amazing animals in their natural habitat!
    Kenya, March 2009
    “Pipeline” Project
    Middle & Upper School (12 Students & 4 Chaperones)
    The KPS Global Service Learning Initiative was announced with an aggressive approach in combining the benefits of student travel and community service.  The group bravely embarked on a 10-day service learning adventure to the Maasai Mara region in Kenya, Africa.  While in Kenya, the participants lived, learned and worked alongside the Maasai students and faculty of the Empopongi Primary School, a co-ed facility of approximately 300 students.  The physical service project included the construction of a water pipeline from the girls’ dormitory building to the main water source to allow more girls to live at the school.  Academically, educating the pre-teen and teenage students about health education and AIDS, still a raging epidemic in Africa, was incorporated into the classroom experience.  The trip culminated with an unforgettable safari through the Maasai Mara National Reserve, home of the big five!