Yellowstone – Part 2: The Wolf Guy and the Tiring Hike


    We woke up at 4:45 AM Why? We drove to Yellowstone. Everyone is wishing they were still in their sleeping bags. It took two hours to get to the park but we finally found Rick McIntyre (AKA “The Wolf Guy”). Everyone saw wolf pups, little black balls of fuzz. While we were looking for wolves, a group from Michigan asked us what we considered to be three great things about New Jersey. Here’s what we said:

    1. We don’t have to pump our own gas.
    2. We live close to New York City, so we can see musicals for school field trips.
    3. There used to be a lot of gardens.

    Number three on that list a little odd, and it got a lot of giggles from the Michigan group.

    Rick eventually led us up a hill and he told us the story of Female Wolf #6 and Wolf #8 and Wolf #38. It’s going to take a lot space to tell the story. So in summary: Female Wolf #6 was one of the best hunters who killed a grizzly bear by herself and ate it. Wolf #8 was a weak and small wolf who defeated a wolf from a rival pack. The rival wolf killed Wolf #8’s father, Wolf #21. This wolf saw his dad defeat the other wolf, and grew up to be the Mohammed Ali of wolves and never lost a fight.

    Breakfast today consisted of bagels and cream cheese. After breakfast, we took a bathroom break and then we drove to Mount Washburn. Mount Washburn has an elevation of approximately 8000 feet. The first hill was tiring but after realizing that we had to go another two hours, we mustered more energy to see us through the end. We also had to deal with a lack of oxygen due to the elevation. We also had to deal with lots of wind and stopping to drink to avoid dehydration and the suspicion that we might not ever finish our hike! Going up the mountain is now a bit of a blur, but once we made it to our destination, all of us felt like we were on top of the world. Despite the elevation, we were surprised to have flies up there disturbing our picnic lunch. We had the feeling of making it and seeing the view was amazing and a once in a lifetime experience.

    Really cool things that happened today:

    • We saw Bighorn Sheep!
    • We saw the wolf pups!
    • We hiked for three miles
    • Rick told us the wolf stories that were funny, sad, and overall awesome. (Rick told us that he watched wolves for 15 years and only missed four days)
    • We also saw a mountain goat but mountain goats are not indigenous to Yellowstone. They cause environmental problems.

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