Off to Yellowstone!


    A group of seven students and two chaperones headed off to Yellowstone on Friday, August 12. Because they were “off the grid” and without electricity and wifi, they kept an analog journal. Please check out the journaling the students did on their trip:


    We’re off to Yellowstone! Our journey started at 5:00 AM when we all met at Kent Place. It was so weird being at school so early in the morning! We then boarded the bus and waved goodbye to our families as we headed to the airport for our 7:14 AM flight to Denver. On the bus we shared what we are looking forward to once we get to Yellowstone. We could all agree that we are excited for the scenery and hope to see some of the wolf pups. We are all a little nervous about the bears, though! Especially grizzly bears. Once on the plane, everyone decided to take a nap as we were up very early. We are all looking forward to a great trip filled with fun, educational, and scenic adventures!

    So we are on the plane right now and somehow we are texting and our messages are actually sending. IT’S A MIRACLE! A lot of us also slept/are still sleeping because we had to wake up around 4:00 AM. I’m ready to start the trip!

    For more pictures of the students’ adventures, check out this slideshow. 




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