Rome – Day 2

    Walking tour of Rome – Trevi Fountain, Sant Agnese, The Spanish Steps

    Performance at Sant’Agnese!!

    Memorable moments from today:


    Lara: For me, singing impromptu in the Pantheon is a memory I will always cherish. The echo made Lift Thine Eyes sound so lovely and everyone was very happy.

    Daniela: My favorite moment of the day was when we got to the Trevi fountain and Ashley and I went down to throw coins in for wishes and I felt exactly like Lizzie McGuire.

    Isabella: My favorite moment of the day was eating gelato by the Trevi fountain with my friends. We were all so tired from walking so it was really refreshing to have gelato and look at the gorgeous fountain.

    Zoe: I really enjoyed seeing my parents at the concert today. It was great to share that amazing experience with them.

    Carly: My favorite moment of today was when I got to barter at the market. I got a new shirt for ten euros less than it was marked!

    Carolyn Bailey:  My highlight of the day was making a wish in the Trevi fountain.

    Sophie Dewar: Singing in the Pantheon was very cool!

    Sant Agnese

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