Rome – Day 3

    Day 3 of the trip gave a taste of both old and new. It was the first combined rehearsal with all the choirs and the taste of hard work finally paying off. The sound of the seven choirs finally coming together from all across the globe was unlike anything else. Following rehearsal, a guided tour of Ancient Rome took us back in time, showing ruins, churches, and even Julius Caesar’s old tomb. Exploration of the almost hauntingly gorgeous Colosseum was a perfect way to end today’s sightseeing. To wrap up the evening, the choirs came together, swapping songs and enjoying classic Italian songs over a lovely meal together. (Maddie Boyer)


    Today’s trip through ancient Rome was fantastic.  Our group ventured through the Roman forum, spotting one of the oldest doors in Rome, the site of a majestic temple and the site where Julius Ceasar was cremated.  The layer upon layer of ruins allowed us to see the formation of modern Rome.  The final blast from the past was exploring the Colosseum and enjoying the majesty of ancient architecture.  (Morgan Strong)

    Thus far Rome has been phenomenal. Today we had our first rehearsal for the concert and the moment the choir started to sing together I got chills. The sound of the group is just outstanding. Today we also visited  Ancient Rome and got a tour of the area along with the Colosseum! I can’t wait to hear the choir again and perform with them. (Jacqueline Pothier)
    Today we celebrated Katherine Vieser’s 16th birthday!!  We started our day with singing upon departure at 7:45 a.m. and ending with a chorus of 300 singers and the professional Italian Tenor singing Happy Birthday to Katherine.  (See video-

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