Iceland – Day 7

    We started out our day waking up in our hotel rooms in Reykjavik in the Center Plaza Hotel. We were told to get ready and pack our belongings to be ready for room checks at 8:30am. Teachers came to the room and checked to make sure we were ready before we took our luggage downstairs. The luggage was stored for us and we went to the breakfast. The breakfast buffet was open and filled with everything from oatmeal, to fruits, to eggs and bacon.

    When we finished breakfast we headed to a conversation about feminism. The presenter talked about women’s rights in Iceland. It was interesting to find out that Iceland was the first country to elect a woman president. She also talked about a really awesome 5-day camp experience called Girls Rock. Basically girls of any age can join and create a rock band. The purpose of the camp is to empower girls. They write songs together and perform their original song by the end of the week. It was really cool and looks like it is very fun!

    After the amazing talk about feminism we headed to the nearby shops and stores. We split up into groups with a minimum of 3 people and were able to go purchase lunch and shop around for last minute items. Before splitting into our small groups Soffia  (our tour guide) took us to a shop that she thought all of us would enjoy. This shop sold shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.   We had around an hour and a half to shop and eat at local stores. There were many options for lunch, such as local foods and more. We prepared ourselves for the rest of the day on the flight by buying snacks and necessities. We met back at the hotel and soon brought our suitcases to the bus.                         

    We boarded onto the bus to make our way to the airport. Once we got to the airport we checked in. There was a very long line to check and instead of waiting on line, we did self-check in at the kiosks. There was were a few issues at the self-check in, and we found out that our flight was delayed for one hour! Once we were finished checking in, we headed towards security. After we swiftly moved through security, we all met together to talk about the plan to get dinner. Many of us went to get last minute gifts, souvenirs, and food for the plane and for dinner. We all met at our location after we bought what we needed. We headed towards customs and then went to our gate. We had to wait at our gate for a while and we all sat together and talked about the trip. The airport workers called that we were boarding and we got into our small groups and boarded onto the plane safely!


    After a fun week of exploring Iceland it was time to go home and the flight was the last step to going home. Everyone was sad to leave the beautiful country and the flight was spent looking back on all the new memories we have created. When we first board the flight, attendants gave us each a bottle of Icelandic water. We then got settled in and waited for the plane to take off. It was goodbye Iceland and hello New Jersey! For all of us, this was an experience we will never forget!

    Iceland Day 7.1

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