Iceland – Day 5

    After breakfast, we headed to the Westman Islands for the day. The waves churned, crashing against the flanks of the looming white and blue ferry. The ride was an adventure in itself being that the boat caused your stomach to drop as if you were on a Six Flags roller coaster. The rolling green hills of The Westman Islands rippled and shifted as the wind beat against it and we shivered as we exited the ferry to board the bus awaiting us on the harbor. The island’s town was nestled in its center, brightly colored roofs shining like Easter eggs. First we went to a museum that informed us of the history of the island involving a volcanic eruption in 1973 that devastated the islanders. As we wandered around the building with phones and head sets distributed to us, looking at each exhibit, we thought about how remarkable it was that the islanders had overcome this disaster and came out better than ever.

    After the ferry ride we set off on a scenic drive. Wind blew the long blades of grass in the fields as we passed by. We stopped at a cliff shaped like an elephant, called elephant rock, and took pictures of the area. The trunk of the elephant and its eye were very prominent on the edge of the cliff. The location of the cliff was gorgeous as well. The bright blue sky was beautiful, and the sun, which never set, radiated the ocean. Blue ocean water crashed down on rocks in front of the cliff, and white foam bubbled up. Three small islands were visible in the near distance. Later we went on a small hike around a volcano, which was so pretty. We overlooked the town and ocean. Purple flowers surrounded us as we walked over small black rocks. The view was one of the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Windy roads were surrounded by lupine, the houses below were pastel colors and balanced each other out, creating a beautiful picture, the ocean was visible in between two mountains, and the green on the mountain fit together to create a stunning view.

    We went the a bakery for lunch. I could smell the sweetness of the baked goods before I even got in the small comfortable place to rest. There were cinnamon buns that were completely covered in chocolate that could be the size of someone’s face. The donuts there were not the average donuts that someone would regularly get at Dunkin’ Donuts. I have never seen a donut covered in caramel before.  Even though it had many sweet goods, there were croissants and bagels that acted like sandwiches with the insides like ham and cheese. Every time someone goes near that store, they will never be able to be pull away from the bakery. It’s probably everyone’s dream to go there.

    After a delicious lunch, we went to meet some Icelandic youth who had the opportunity to be paid to work around town (mowing the grass, clean up trash, plant etc). There we learned about what they do and played two games; Cops and Hippies and Cops and Robbers. The first game was a favorite of many people despite how physical it was. After playing both games and before we left, they offered us Applesin (an Icelandic drink) and an Icelandic candy bar. We then headed to a pizza place for dinner and went to a shop.

    After we had an amazing dinner we took a short hike. We walked through lupine flowers. They were absolutely beautiful and we had a lot of fun being able to see the island from higher up. Afterwards we had to go to the harbor to catch the ferry. The ferry ride back was better and wasn’t as choppy. We had a great time on the Westman islands and our hike was an excellent closing to an amazing day.

    Iceland Day 5.1 Iceland Day 5

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