Iceland – Day 3

    After breakfast, we went into Reykjavik for an Icelandic dance lesson.  We learned many folk dances from Icelandic children our age and some Icelandic adults.  They were very different from our dances today, and represented things that people did at that time or stories.  For example, one dance had us making shoes by banging our fists together and pulling them apart.  Another showed the story of the 13 Santas’ mother.

    Then, we went around the Golden Circle, seeing many different landmarks including Strokkur Geyser, Gulfoss Waterfall, and Thingveller National Park. When we went to Strokkur geyser we got to see it erupt. The sulfur in the water make it smell like rotten boiled egg, so many geothermal places (power plants, geysers, and small paint pot) smell like eggs.

    The Gulfoss waterfall was so big and amazing. We loved visiting the waterfall even though we were very cold!

    In Thingveller National Park we went on a hike to a glacier and also to a beautiful canyon. Inside the canyon was like stepping into a a movie scene. Everything there was so beautiful and large. You felt so small no matter how tall you were. The waterfall at the end made the shortish walk worth the while. Even though we all got a little wet it was amazing to see the falls and everything else.

    After devouring a packed lunch on the bus, we took a short visit a glacier. The immensity of the ice sheet was overwhelming. We all got to appreciate the natural beauty and power of our Earth.

    Next in our journey, we rode on rocky roads and through gushing rivers to the following destination. There was much excitement for this stop. We were taking a beautiful and scenic horseback ride on Icelandic horses. The group’s divided into two and we were able to follow a stunning trail through the countryside. After being given basic instruction, we jetted out. Some horses were faster than others and some hungrier! Upon return the first group got to play with farm animals and play games in the cozy barn. Animals such as piglets, a cow, horses, goats, lambs and kittens roamed around. The second group got a little wet, but the setting enabled all participants to enjoy their trip, whether they were dry or sopping wet.

    Following this, we took a pit stop at the cabins to change into dryer clothes. Then we headed to a delicious supper consisting of chicken, rice, salad and apple cake. We applauded the chefs and reflected upon our day. Our group finally headed home for a peaceful and restful night at our cabins. Another fun-filled and exhilarating day was complete and we all looked forward to another!

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