Iceland – Day 2

    After Breakfast we headed toward the Reykjavik Folk Dance company and learned several traditional Icelandic Dances. There were 5 young members of this dance company who taught us the dances and demonstrated everything for us. It was so funny watching our friends learn the new style and trying to copy the moves correctly. After we had finished dancing we tried Icelandic donuts, called klenät. From the dance studio we traveled to a national park to learn more about Iceland’s geography, culture, and history.

    The Thingsville National Park is the area where you can see the North American plate and the European plate at the same time both above sea level. The coolest part is that the area between the plates is not part of a specific plate and is known as no man’s land. This was really cool because we could walk in that part and see all of the rivers within in too. We also heard about the rocks that were there, and how the rocks look like faces due the story that trolls can only be out for dusk till dawn and or else they would turn into rocks. The whole experience was very cool and all of us had a lot of fun observing the national park.

    After seeing the beautiful national park we took the bus to see the geysers. It was amazing watching water bubble and explode out of the ground. When the hot water shot up from the ground many of the KPS girls ran away screaming trying not to get wet. We saw a area of water where the water was blue and we also saw many hot springs. After seeing the beautiful geysers we went to a waterfall called Gullfoss. It was a bit windy but beautiful  seeing and hearing the waterfall. The water of the waterfall was beautiful to watch go down.

    Overall today was an interesting day, where we learned all about the science and history behind the geography of Iceland. We can’t wait to see what we will learn and see tomorrow!

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