Iceland – Day 1

    Today was our first day in Iceland! It was a long day. We arrived to school around 4 PM to gather before departing for the airport, and our flight was around 9:45. It was an overnight flight that was about 5 hours. After we landed we started with our activities right away. Most of us slept on the plane and on the bus since we were all exhausted. The first thing that we did was get breakfast at this cool place in Reykjavik that had a huge ship in the middle of it that we were able to go and stand on. There was also this little museum that had a bunch of colorful artwork that was 3D. After that we all went on the bus and headed to the Geothermal Power Plant. Here we listened to the lady there talk and explain how all the water gets distributed to Iceland. Then we headed to this place in Reykjavik that had a huge globe on top of the building. Here we were able to see a 360 view of Iceland. Next we headed back to the city of Reykjavik where we participated in National Icelandic Day. All of us marched in the parade and after we had lunch in the city as well. We split up into our small groups after lunch where we walked and explored the festivities and the shops. There was a local carnival to celebrate their Independence Day, which included: human hamster balls, a castle bouncy house, and trampolines. Groups bought candy floss and ate in the park or fed the ducks on the pond. Afterwards we all went to have dinner in the center of Reykjavik before we all went to bed.







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