Global Perspectives Day 2016 – Middle and Upper School

    On Wednesday, March 2, the Kent Place Middle and Upper Schools hosted their school-wide Global Perspectives Day.

    This year’s theme, “Water,” allowed students, faculty and staff to learn about and discuss the various ethical, global, economic, scientific, historical, nutritional, sociological, literary, technological and cultural issues surrounding water.

    The half-day event was celebrated exclusively by the Upper and Middle Schools, with the Primary School division having participated separately last Wednesday, February 24. The day began with a panel of expert who spoke about water from a variety of vantage points, followed by one workshop. The myriad workshops were led by students, representatives from the Great Swamp Watershed Association, Van Cleef Engineering Associates, Earth Guardians NY, and a marine geologist.

    • “Design Thinking Challenge: How Do We Design a Solution for Flint?” with Kent Place Ethics Institute’s Dr. Karen Rezach and Dr. Eva Lazar •
    • “From the Seafloor to the Stars: How Mapping the Seafloor Helps Us Search for Life on Other Planets” with Marine Geologist, Christina Symons •
    • “Water as a Symbol in Myth and Literature” with KPS faculty member Dr. Michael Schwartz •
    • “Water Crises: A Simulation” with Ava Hubbauer ‘17 and Zoe Wright ‘17 •
    • A presentation by William C. Tanner and Stefanie Williams on rainfall and flooding, and how civil engineers address the need to return clean water to the environment •
    • “The Flow of Language: Water in Poetry” with KPS faculty members Ms. Kimberly Lee and Ms. Lisa Cohen
    • Measuring Precipitation from Space: A NASA Webinar with Ms. Dorian Janney, NASA
    • “Beneath the Surface: Coral, Turtles, and Seals, Oh My! – Human impact on ocean life” with AP Environmental Science students presentation on the living creatures of the sea, with students Caroline Snyder ‘17, Kayla Harney ‘17 and Paige Reddington ‘17
    • A student-led proposition on methods of responding to water crises by students Laryssa Horodysky ‘17, Meaghan Reilley ‘17 and Stephanie Napoli ‘17
    • An informative lecture on Microplastics by student Annie Schiffer ‘17
    • An engaging conversation concerning human rights to clean water and home water sources with Earth Guardians activists Aidan Ferris and Rachel Marco’s
    • An interactive activity about the involvement of mathematics in water allocation and safety, led by KPS faculty members Mr. Ralph Pantozzi and Mr. Christopher Mango
    • “Why Wetlands Matter: A Disappearing Resource We Can’t Live Without” led by the Great Swamp Watershed Association’s Sally Rubin, Sandra LaVigne and Dan Ross

    Henaz Bhatt, Director of Diversity at Kent Place, noted: “The student takeaways from Global Perspectives Day were tremendous. From their increased awareness of how water gets to their sink to how NASA measures precipitation from space to the challenges of mapping the ocean floor and to preserving our wetlands, the minds of our community were expanded and more questions were raised. The entire planning committee and I are looking forward to supporting their growth and learning about water this year and beyond.”

    Global Perspectives Day was created to help build and sustain a bridge between diverse experiences and cultures. In giving the girls a day to immerse themselves in the perspectives of vastly varied groups of people, Kent Place hopes to provide them with meaningful exploration and understanding of the views of others and themselves as global citizens. For more information about diversity at Kent Place, please visit

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