KP Students Reflect on Spring Break Adventures

    Costa Rica

    “Before I went on the Global Service Learning Initiative trip with Kent Place School, I associated Costa Rica with the rainforest, poison dart frogs, and zip-lining.  I had never travelled to Central America or even been out of the country without my family.  When I think of Costa Rica today, I think of the 10 incredible days I spent in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle that changed my life.  I had expectations of changing the community; instead, the community changed me.” – Madison Mastrangelo ’15

    “This trip has helped me recognize all that I have and what I can do to help others. But most importantly, I learned how people can be happy with the little they have and how the whole community of Chilamate takes care of each other.  Pura Vida!” – Molly Gilbert ’15


    Regarding climbing the Pacaya Volcano, “With the wind whipping my face and nothing but a large stick with which to hold my balance, I stood quivering, staring with frightened eyes at the last leg of the journey: a quick hike over loose volcanic ash, with the breathtakingly stunning drops all around.  I was convinced that there was no way I could ever finish that climb, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.”  – Madeline Ketley ’13

    “Everyone deserves to feel this feeling that you can’t quite describe. This trip was more than going out of my comfort zone, doing service, or exploring a new country; it was a wonderfully overwhelming combination of new experiences and knowledge, pushing myself the hardest I ever have, becoming friends with students and locals I hadn’t know before, and understanding what “Global Service Learning” truly means.” – Kathleen Brody ’15

    New Orleans

    Regarding the Lower Ninth Ward in NOLA, “The once-populated neighborhood was now inhabited by empty lawns and ruined houses. I tried to imagine what it was like before: children playing in the streets while neighbors talked on a porch. Now only a handful of houses made up the too-quiet neighborhoods. The lack of progress that should’ve been made over the past seven years was disturbing. However, it inspired me. I wanted to help, to make a difference; to try to bring back what was lost.”  – Veronica Child ’14

    Referring to a conversation she had with a small museum owner – and the father of the owner’s home being rebuilt: “He made one remark that particularly captured my heart. He explained that at times “young people can be more concerned with personal image. Girls will travel out to the beaches of Cancun or other sunny spots to get a tan.” Then he said, “But you chose to give me the opportunity to be close to my grandchildren again…” – Julia Mills ’14