KPS to Re-Build Homes in New Orleans!

    WHO?  14 Upper School Students, led by trip chaperones: Dr. Rezach, Ms. Hennessy and Mr. Palmieri.


    REBUILD a great American city and work alongside New Orleanians who are reclaiming their communities.

    SHAPE the future of the city’s historic neighborhoods by helping to preserve their distinct and colorful cultural heritage.

    BECOME a part of life in the Big Easy as you listen to zydeco music, spot alligators in the bayou, and sample flavorful gumbo.

    LEARN about the fascinating history and lively culture that have made New Orleans such an important American city.

    WHEN?  March 10 – 17, 2012

    WHERE?  NOLA!!!

    WHY?  Trip Objectives:

    Seeking out diverse perspectives… on the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans

    Valuing emotional insights… from survivors, displaced residents, volunteers,   children, community leaders, business owners, etc.

    Embracing creativity… inventive thinking on community re-development

    Developing a growth mindset… perseverance; resiliency in the face of unknowable   challenges/setbacks; experimentation; strategizing

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