Bracelet Fundraiser Continues…

    Participants from the 2012 global service learning trips to Guatemala and New Orleans are working together to raise funds for their projects taking place during Spring Break.  To do so, they are selling colorful bracelets purchased from Roberto Made It, a Mayan family-owned business began by a child to support his family in Guatemala (more information below).  Though the Guatemala and New Orleans trip students sold a majority of the KPS Green & Gold bracelets.  Assorted color bracelets remain for sale in the school store for $5 each.

    The Guatemala Team, consisting of 12 students and 3 chaperones, will spend five work days building two homes – from ground to finish – in a Mayan town outside of Antigua.  This trip has been arranged in partnership with From Houses to Homes, a NJ-based service organization.  The New Orleans Team, consisting of 14 students and 3 chaperones, will spend four days re-building a St. Bernard Parish home devestated by Hurricane Katrina.  The final work day will be spent planting trees with an organization cleverly named Hike for KaTREEna.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to purchase an appropriate kitchen appliance (or other need) for each of the families who will reside in the homes being built (or re-built).  Leftover funds will be used to reduce the trip costs for participating students.

    Thank you for your support!


    Robert Perez: “Roberto Made It”

    (Bio & photos provided by From Houses to Homes,

    Roberto Perez is a 16 year old Mayan boy from San Antonio Palapo, Guatemala.  He lives with his mom, Santa, and his 8 year old sister, Leticia. Roberto and his family travel 3 hours by chicken bus every weekend to the city of Antigua to sell bracelets they make in their home. This is their only means of support.  Roberto met Joe Collins, Founder of From Houses to Homes when he was 8 years old in the park in Antigua, Guatemala. He asked Joe to buy him an ice cream cone and this started a friendship that continues to thrive.  With the help of Joe, Roberto has been able to attend school and learn english. His sister is also attending school. They go to school during the week and continue to travel to Antigua every weekend. Roberto has enjoyed many benefits with Joe as his mentor. He traveled to the United States for a church fundraiser to raise money to build a home for his family that he and his Mother and sister have dreamed of for many years.

    So Roberto can continue his education, Joe helped Roberto create the website,, to increase his business using the Internet. Most boys in Guatemala have to leave school at 14 years old to go to work to help the family survive. This year, while Roberto is off from school he is working with From Houses to Homes building homes. He enjoys the work and has done a great job. Roberto always has the dream to better his life and never gives up the hope that hard work pays off.

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