2nd Grade’s “Flat Stanleys” have reached Langeoog, Germany!

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    Earlier this month, KPS Teachers Ms. Gina Ferraioli and Mrs. Karen Libera launched a “Flat Stanley” program with their 2nd Grade classes.  To complement their social studies curriculum – and their study of the continents, the objective of the project is to make connections with different schools around the world.  By sharing their “Stanleys,” students are learning about the children and cultures of the schools and countries they are partnering with.  Within a matter of weeks,  the KPS 2nd graders completed their Stanleys and made contact with schools in Hong Kong, the UK, Germany, as well as one of KPS’ partner-schools in Chilimate, Costa Rica!

    I am happy to report that their “Stanleys” reached Langeoog, Germany last week.  The partner school was so enthused about this project that an article and pictures were posted in their local newspaper. See  http://www.langeoognews.de/index.php?id=53&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=3360&cHash=bbe52ecc7b9522814811f74c24afb012.

    Congratulations Grade 2!!!

    For more information on the Flat Stanley book and project, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_Stanley.

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