Bioprinting Human Organs: Saving Life or Redefining It?

Just because we, as a human race, have the ability to do something, should we? Bioprinting, though a fairly new concept, has a very promising future. The waiting list for an organ transplant is over 120,000 people! Bioprinting would drastically

The Ethics of Longevity our Technological Imperative

One of the most quintessential questions we ask as humans is: Can we live forever? In the media and movies, the question of the possibility of living forever is usually answered with some far-fetched response involving the word “magic;” however,

Adolescent Autonomy and End of Life Decision Making

What types of decisions should adolescents be able to make? Are they competent and capable to make end of life decisions? Is it right to hold back information from the adolescent? These are the questions that come up when deciding

Autonomy, Decision Making, and the Alzheimer’s Patient

What kinds of decisions can you make for your future self? How can we define competence? What does autonomy mean when you’re not “competent”? These are the kinds of questions that patients and their families have to think about as

The Abortion of Fetuses with Down Syndrome

In America today abortion is legal.  However, there are many points of contention where the ethicality is questioned.  The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether or not it is ethical to treat Down Syndrome abortions differently within the