A Smarter World: How Far will we Go?

Our imperfections and struggles are commonly held to make life more meaningful; but, why would we insist on passing down weaknesses that result in marked disadvantages to others, especially if the power to fix them were just at our fingertips?

Gene Doping: Challenging the Future of Sports

If you were a professional athlete and had the ability to become an all around better athlete and have an increased chance of winning by making a simple change to your DNA, would you? Gene doping, a specific form of

[Dis]Ability: A “Cure” for Down Syndrome

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have made a discovery they named “a cure in a Petri dish,” which silences the chromosome that causes Down Syndrome. By inserting a gene called XIST, (which is normally used to silence

The Ethics of Cross-Border Reproductive Travel: Gestational Surrogacy

In this paper, the role of the biological imperative when parents make decisions regarding gestational surrogacy is assessed. Cross-border reproductive involving gestational surrogacy circumstances are described, and the varying incentives for this travel are examined with the values of justice,

Medical Decision Making And The Human Lifespan

Everyday we make hundreds and even thousands of decisions.  What to eat for breakfast, when to leave for work, and when to stop working and go to sleep.  These decisions are usually quick and are lower stakes.  However, sometimes we