Synthetic Biology: The Ethics of Creating Artificial Life

After 20 years, a group of scientists led by J. Craig Venter created a new, synthetic life form.  Its name is Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0; its purpose is still being discovered with the hope to use the process of creating the Designer

The Digital Pill: A second set of eyes in the lives of patients

Patient prescription noncompliance is a major issue in United States healthcare. Many medications have incredible capabilities in their powers to mitigate, control, and sometimes even cure diseases but without medication, many of these controllable conditions and diseases can cause major

The Total Artificial Heart: A Change of Heart

 The first total artificial heart (TAH) was implanted in a person in 1982, and since then has been used to help extend human life. The total artificial heart is a new medical innovation that replaces the ventricles of the heart

Genetically Modified Life

As technology continues to evolve, genetic modifications and treatments will become more prevalent in our everyday life. With these changes,, many questions will arise. For instance, just because we can, should we? Ethics is all about making personal, cultural, and