Some comments from the Singers!

    “No words can describe the sensational rush I got while singing in Canterbury. I’m afraid that now every other church I visit will be compared to it. On an unrelated note… I am having SO MUCH FUN geeking out to all the “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” references and souveniers everywhere!! I miss you Mama, Papa, Zach, Avery and Zoe! I’ll tell Matt Smith and Lola you say hi!!” –Abby Espiritu

    “One of the highlights of this trip has been singing in Canterbury Cathedral. As soon as we hit the first note of our opening song, I got chills all over my body. Not only was the sound beautiful, but the sense that we were singing in a place that is so historically rich was incredibly powerful!” — Rachael Miller

    2 Responses to Some comments from the Singers!

    1. Cristina Espiritu says:

      Miss you too Abby! We are so ecstatic that you are having the time of your life.
      Avery says he wishes you were home already and he hopes you have taken a lot of pictures. Rachael – thanks for looking out for Ms. Geeky Girl over there. Happy you are both enjoying. CHEERIO!

    2. Aunt Laura and Uncle Billy Cody says:

      Hi Rachael and Friends!
      WOW! An amazing experience and amazing performances! We are immensely impressed. Listening to you all sing with such grace and beauty was a gift to the ears and heart. Hope you continue to have a fabulous time. Lots of love to you Rachael. God bless. Aunt Laura, Uncle Billy and BLT too!

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