Day 6 – Stonehenge and Knightsbridge

We are just finishing our last full day in London!  We went to Stonehenge and the Knightsbridge section of London — which included visiting Herrod’s!  The girls have been a pleasure to be around — watching them work together and with others!

Please look through this photo journal that Mr. Davis has put up — check out the videos!!;CAEQARoQeXIh2nTEL46NYHfynYZEeg;2620B5D6-6A92-4D0D-A78A-817DD76464E6

When we land at Newark airport tomorrow (Saturday), I will send you all an email… we are scheduled to arrive in Newark at 6:55pm and by the time we go through and retrieve the luggage, meet the bus and return to KPS, we should be arriving at KPS around 8pm.

The Singers have really been a pleasure to be around and to work with!  Thank you for sharing your daughters with us!!

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