Middle School Student Leadership

Middle School Student Leadership

Our Kent Place School Girls’ Leadership Institute just completed their two-week summer experience last Friday. The final day exhibited leadership in action! Each Middle School-aged girl highlighted her action plan for a meaningful service project to be implemented in her own community. Project development involved finding and stating a vision, exploring potential ethical dilemmas and resolving their potential pitfalls, defining needed resources and developing an implementation plan. The exhibition of the final projects was exciting and impressive – these Middle School leaders are already making a difference in the world!

Our Leadership Institute was founded on belief in the strong leadership potential of each girl – and the importance of discovering and exploring one’s own voice and leadership style in the Middle School years! Pearl Kane, director of the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College Columbia University, has said, “Leadership is a behavior, not a position.” These girls have clearly started to identify their own growing self-empowerment and their abilities to choose a path and evoke positive change. These developing leadership skills will serve them well as they move through their schooling and on into their futures.

As schools develop and map their curricula, keeping the lens of leadership development is essential to integrating learning into contextualized action. Our students are ready to make a difference – and need practice in developing their leadership skills. Self-defining one’s voice and reflecting on desired value systems, better ensure that our future leaders, and their varying styles, will promote significant and positive actions!

For more information about the Girls’ Leadership Institute, please visit,https://www.kentplace.org/gli.

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